Wednesday, September 18, 2013

ABC Inventory Management System (basic functions)

Problem Description: ABC construction equipment LLC believes that constructors do not earn money by owning tools; they make money by using tools as efficiently as possible.  ABC company try to change its business model to help constructors get the job done by leasing tools instead of selling them. The company will provide the best tools at the right time, and quickly finished tool repair, replacement, and upgrade.  To delivery those service, ABC company needs an inventory management system with the basic functions to manage its large arsenals of tools more inexpensively and effectively than it's  customers had.

System Capacities:
1. Minimizing the unnecessary tools and parts in storage while have enough stock to meet the demand.
2. Optimize warehouse inventories, that is, to effectively allocate inventory to different warehouse so that tools can be delivery to constructors quickly.
3. be able to track all tools and parts.

Business Benefits:
1. Cost saving. Since unnecessary tools in the storage is removed, company would save a lot of investment.
2. Increase timely delivery of tools to customers.
3. Increase customer value since there are more type of tools available for their projects so that they can easily scale their projects.

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