Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Restaurant Order Scheduing

Problem Description: customers desire good quality and tasted food. However, the quality and taste of food has a negative relationship with its storage time.  The longer the food is storaged the less the quality and taste of the food is. Thus, the quality and taste of the food is the best as it is just finished cooking from the kitchen. However, there is a time constrain for the cooking procedure, and customers' satisfaction will decrease as their waiting time increase. It is hard for a restaurant to hire new chiefs since the size of the kitchen is fixed. As holiday and weekend come, the expected waiting time will be much greater than weekdays.
It is recommend that the new system will be deployed so the schedule of each cooking order is optimized, that is, giving a tolerant waiting time of an order, the chiefs would cook as many orders as possible.

System Capabilities: 

1. Collect order information from the existing order subsystem 
2. Exchange information with the inventory subsystem.
3. schedule orders.
4. inform clients (system who place orders) as orders are not available.

Business Benefits: 

1. Increase customers' satisfaction since waiting time for food is decreased under the schedule system.
2. Decrease waiting time for those who wait for an available table since waiting time for food is decreased that customers would finished their food early.
3. Increase timely response to client who make orders that when an  order is not available due to some unexpected reasons.

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