Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Open House Route for Multiple Location

Problem Description: Real estate companies provide an information system for their customers to find for sell houses. However, the system do not provide multiple location route in its map. As open house session comes, customers will visit multiple house at one time. It is so inconvenience for them to input every destinations to their navigators each time. In addition, customers would only approximate a better route since it is not easy to calculate multiple destinations. It is recommend that the existing information system would have the ability to calculate an optimize route for multiple location with the integration of Google Maps.

System Capacities:
1. Use Google Maps service.
2. Show desire location of the existing information system on the map.
3. Calculate and show the route for those desire location.
4. Output route to portable devices.

Business Benefits:
1. Save customers' time in locating multiple houses.
2. customers would easily compare destination of those desire location.
3. customers would make decision quicker.

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