Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Reaching Out

Talking with manger of the restaurant about project "Restaurant Order Scheduling".

1. Self introduction: "Hi, I am Yan, a student from computer science department of Hawaii Pacific University."

2. Project introduction: "I am doing a project of the System Analysis class. For the project, we are looking to help an organization analyze some of its IT issues. Is there any IT issues that we would help?"

3. Investigating issues if the manager accepts my request, otherwise, say "Thank you for your time."
         3.1 Ask current system "How is the current order scheduling procedures working?"
                  3.11 Ask ” what are the order scheduling processes?”
                  3.12 Ask ” how are the processes performed?”
                  3.13 Ask “ what information is required?”

         3.2 Ask issues "What is the problem with the current order scheduling"
         3.3 Ask the expectation for the solution "What is your expectation to the solution?"
4. Define Requirements
         4.1 Ask functional requirement “what are the functional requirements, that is, what does the new system must perform. In other words, what tasks is the order scheduling system designed for?”

         4.2  Ask non-functional requirement “Rather than perform required tasks, what other requirements does the system must provide, for example, requirements of performance, integration with other system, reliability, etc..? ”

5. Define Stakeholders: Ask “who are related to the new system if it success, that is, who will be benefit from the system from internal and external perspective?”

6. Ask for contacts for further detailed requirements information including users and stakeholders.

7. "Thanks for your time, see you later!"

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